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Teas by Mary Claire was inspired by tea parties with my Granddaughter. It brought back fond memories of special times with my grandmother and my mother sipping tea.  We started this business because we loved tea and we had fun being together. 

We want our teas to help you find those moments and create some new memories. Take a little time to slow down, read, listen to music or connect over a refreshing cup of brewed tea with someone special. You will love our teas and hope you will find your way to create a cup of love through tea.

Teas from the heart

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of Operation

We started Teas by Mary Claire in 2013. We have been busy spreading the word. We enjoy meeting people and talking tea at festivals, farmer's markets, fundraisers and special events. We are active on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and this expanded website. Check out the Shopping Cart to see a selection of our products available to order online, by email or phone. Watch for special promotions and give-aways. Keep informed by following Teas by Mary Claire on Facebook.